About Transition Kwoorabup Denmark
Transition Kwoorabup-Denmark (TKD) is a not-for-profit community group that aims to help build self-reliance, resilience and re-localization in Denmark (West Australia) in response to peak-oil and climate change. The group was originally formed by Climate Action Denmark and is an affiliated group of Denmark Environment Centre.

Kwoorabup is the local indigenous Noongar peoples name for Denmark. The origin of the name is attributed to the Kwoor - a small black wallaby. Kwoorabup is often said to be between the territories of the Menang and Pibulmun Noongar clan territories. We give thanks to all Noongar people past, present and future for the opportunity to live in and help look after this country. As a point of interest - South-West Australia has six seasons known to local Noongar peoples - rather than the four seasons known to European settlers. As with elsewhere in the world these seasons are growing more erratic as the effects of climate change become more apparent.

What we do
  • Raising awareness about peak oil, climate change and related sustainability issues.
  • Hold community brainstorming sessions to share ideas for actions is areas such as food, water, energy, transport, and education...
  • Support existing sustainability groups (ie. Denmark Environment Centre, Green Skills, Green Town Energy Services, Climate Action Denmark, Centre for Sustainable Living...) and projects.
  • Proactively encourage local initiatives that help us produce food and energy locally, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and generally live more sustainably.

How you can be involved
  • Join a working group, the steering committee or volunteer to help at any of our events.
  • Come along to our Transition Movie screenings and discussions at the Centre for Sustainable Living.
  • Let us know what you, your business or organization are doing to reduce oil dependency and greenhouse emissions.
  • Initiate or join in practical projects.

Contact Transition Kwoorabup-Denmark
Email: TransitionDenmark@gmail.com
Postal: c/o Denmark Environment Centre, PO Box 142, Denmark W.A. (West Australia) 6333
Phone: (08) 9848 1644

Launching Transition Kwoorabup Denmark 2011

Transition Kwoorabup-Denmark had its launch at the Water and Energy Expo at the Centre for Sustainable Living (CSL) on Sunday 20th March. Residents of Denmark and a few visitors came together in the Mosaic Room to celebrate this event.

It was Sunday morning entertainment in Denmark-style with the showing of a film “Australia Pumping Empty” about our peak oil situation and alternative energy options and lifestyle strategies available to us. This was followed by Councillor Dawn Pedro making the official announcement of Denmark now being a fully-fledged Transition Town.

Transition Towns acknowledge that significant changes are ahead for us due to diminishing supply and therefore rising costs of oil and all that flows from it. Increasing our self-reliance by re-localization of products and services, especially food and energy, will offer Denmark improved resilience to external events.

Denmark is already moving ahead with community gardens at the CSL, the TAFE organic gardens and the CWA produce patch. Energy and transport sectors are represented with working groups. Networking and communicating ideas and most importantly making things happen is a strong element of life here.

Karen Andersson performed her original composition “Transition” on clarinet, supported by Dave Rastrick on guitar. Lyrics including “Planting the tiniest seed” and “. . . change that gives you more” gave the song depth and a wow factor. Although, according to Karen, any metaphors or double entendres were quite accidental. Perhaps the expression and flow of creativity indicates the heartfelt nature of her song.

Audience participation is woven into the song with clarinet cues for everyone to shout “Transition” and “Yeah”. Prompting from Dave improved the audience’s timing which was perhaps suffering from Sunday morning slowness!

The Transition Kwoorabup-Denmark project has largely been moved forward by Dave. Donald Clarke and a small dedicated team has supported the steady incremental process from idea to reality.

Donald introduced Dave as a man who is part of eight community projects or groups and seven bands. His absence will be noticed when he hits the road later this year. Perhaps he has reached “Peak David”, Dave suggests as he takes the floor.

Superb food was being pumped out of the CSL kitchen by Katie White, with offers of the freshest, healthiest and most colourful food one could imagine.

For more information, call into the Denmark Environment Centre for a Transition Kwoorabup-Denmark brochure or to check out books on the topic.

Story by Donna Marie - published in Denmark Bulletin issue 778 - March 31st 2011.

The article below is adapted from a press release by Donald Clarke, March 2011:

Cheap oil will be running out, imported foodstuffs will be running out, if you live on the south coast WA then “who ya gonna call…?” The Transition Town Team in Denmark!

The Transition Kwoorabup* Denmark (TKD) initiative, the local expression of the global Transition Town movement, had its official launch in March. This movement seeks to prepare us all for a post peak oil world when cheap transportation fuels are gone.

After a lot of intent and planning driven by our local TKD steering committee, and a year of meetings and film-nights, the launch was held at 12 noon on Sunday 20th March, at the Centre of Sustainable Living. Originally started by Climate Action Denmark, an affiliated group of Denmark Environment Centre and now auspiced by the Denmark Education and Innovation Centre Inc., The steering committee is confident TKD is ready to “take off”.

The launch was at the lunchtime interlude at the March 2011 Energy and Water Expo, and provided a reminder why the Expo is so important. When advertising the launch, organiser Donald Clarke said: “you can expect live music and live laughter as well as the serious business”. The launch will include a previewing of the Local Food Project, the first of a number of project areas the TKD team will be seeking to catalyze in the next few months.

The Local Food Project will be fully unveiled on Easter Friday as an art installation forming part of the Brave New Works #18 festival. This will include the first showing of a “locally produced” local food documentary with the working title “Kwoorabup Landscape -In the Mood for Local Food”. Starring many a local Denmark ‘green-thumb’, film-makers David Rastrick and Karen Andersson also call it “food for thought”.

Further information is available from launch organiser Donald Clarke on 0402839587, or drop in to Denmark Environment Centre to pick up a flier.

(*Kwoorabup is the traditional name for what was subsequently known as the Denmark River area)

Donald Clarke

Launch Organiser

Transition Kwoorabup Denmark