On this page we will include data on the source and usage of water in the Kwoorabup Denmark town and shire of Denmark. There will also be information on water harvesting/saving projects and innovations in the local area.

H2ome Smart

call 9848 3454 or visit the H2ome Smart website http://www.watercorporation.com.au/H/h20mesmart.cfm

DRAFT Media Release: Householders Help National Water Week

For distribution on Friday 14 October 2011

Andrew Brindley of Yakamia, and Ary and Donald Clarke of Denmark are just two of the 4,600 households in the Great Southern H2ome Smart program helping to save water.

“I have always been interested in where our water comes from and I know we are almost totally reliant on groundwater in the Albany area.” Said Andrew. “I was rung up by H2ome Smart and more or less talked into being part of it, but it has been great!”

The free and voluntary H2ome Smart program came along at a good time for the Clarke’s, who were considering changing their shower heads. “The plumber came in and did it for us and at the same time installed an aerator in the kitchen tap”.

Through H2ome Smart a plumber can also be accessed to change single flush toilets to dual flush and to fix leaks.
“I live in an old style house so the program has meant that I have been able to get a plumber to change the toilet to a dual flush, fix an outside leaking tap, and reseat a couple of inside taps”. Said Andrew.

These services have been made possible through joint funding from the Federal government waterwise program and the Water Corporation.
Both households have put in water efficient garden.

Over the past 10 – 12 year Andrew has taken out much of his lawn and established an extensive native plant garden. To help with the establishment phase he has redirected water from the roof to the front garden through big soaker hoses that run underground into frog ponds and then to areas of the garden that were previously dry patches.

“I work at a local native plant nursery so my garden is part of my overall interest in the amazing range of local plants.”
“I know I have too many plants in the garden but I love the fact that I have flowers all year round. Many people don't realize you can prune most native plants to get the most out of them and you don't have to water native gardens!”

The Clarke’s have invested in a front loading washing machine to save water. “Our washing machine greywater is used to water the pasture for the goat. We don't water anything in the garden except the vegies and herbs and make sure they are well mulched in the summer.”
The Clarke’s are very aware of water and have alerted Water Corporation to a leak at the water meter. “When we first came to Denmark four years water was being trucked from Albany to the Quickup dam in Denmark because the water levels were so low”. Said Ary.

Both households have more water saving plans. Next I am going to redirect more stormwater to another part of the garden.” Said Andrew. “ My replacement of lawn by native plants and some vegies is also ongoing”.

The Clarke’s are keen to put in a rainwater tank and will be doing that when they do their house extensions. Sarah Clarke, 11 years old, chipped in “You can’t help seeing that we all need to save water!”

To find out more about H2ome Smart call 9848 3454 or visit the H2ome Smart website http://www.watercorporation.com.au/H/h20mesmart.cfm

For additional information contact: Louise Duxbury 9848 3310